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Creating Skincare Cocktails with Matrigen Ampoules

Creating Skincare Cocktails with Matrigen Ampoules

I love creating my own skincare cocktails in the treatment room. It's a way to truly customize your client's facial experience.

Here are some of my ways of creating custom skincare cocktails using Matrigen's ampoules:

Hydra Cellular is a unique formula that can be used alone, or as a base when mixing ampoules together. The main ingredient is distilled lotus flower water which contains remarkable amounts of potent antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenol, and vitamins.


Matrigen Hydra Cellular
My favorite tool to use with the Hydra Cellular is our s-KIN Pen, and nano-needling it into the skin!
Gluta Complex is a brightening ampoule.  This should be used for those with hyperpigmentation, but not necessarily from acne. Because this contains olive oil, it is not recommended for acneic skin.  

However, it's amazing at brightening the overall complexion, and I recommend mixing with a little Hydra Cellular for it's antioxidant properties, with a little bit of Vital Intense to encourage cell regeneration. 




If you're looking to treat clients with acne, I recommend sticking strictly with the Acne-Free ampoule. It's the only truly acne-safe, treatment from the Matrigen ampoule line.  With this, I will use the Derma Healer by O'Melon to encourage product penetration. I don't like to nano over inflamed skin.  


Matrigen Acne Free


Vital Intense contains PDRN, a DNA extracted from the sperm cells of salmon (sorry, I'm just here to give the facts, haha), and has incredible regenerative properties.  This is great for those with compromised skin barriers, or those looking to fight signs of aging.

I almost always mix the Vital Intense with the Hydra Cellular.  To me, these two are like bread and butter. They compliment eachother perfectly.

This also works beautifully, as stated above with the Gluta Complex.




Once we understand what each product does, it's easy, and actually fun to create customized skin cocktails.  Are there any I'm forgetting?


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