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If you haven't heard, there's a new device in town, and her name is the Reset Skin System

This is the same pen as we had before, just a new color and new name. 

Here are her specs:

  • Has the ability to nano, Micro-channel or Micro-needle
  • 5 Speeds
  • Goes to a depth of 2.25mm
  • Stays charged a long time
  • One year warranty

While the purpose of this blog was to announce her arrival, I thought it would be helpful to dive into the difference between the above needling techniques.


is a non-invasive way to increase production absorption. The cartridge tip has microscopic hair-like cones that barely enter the epidermis. Nano-needling is best done at the end of a facial with a facial serum.  We recommend any of Matrigen's ampoules!

If you're looking for a great acne treatment that combines nano-needling we recommend you check out O'melons Omega Green (in the case of Rosacea nano-needling can be omitted) 

Need more assistance or information about nano-needling? Check out our mini course which covers theory and our favorite protocols. 


Reset Clinical Skin System Nano Tip


Micro-channeling can be achieved several different ways. However, for the purpose of this blog, we will discuss using the Reset Skin System. 

Micro-channeling is very superficial needling up to .25mm. It facilitates increased product penetration, and it also stimulates collagen production.  Micro-channeling is an alternative to micro-needling for estheticians who can't micro-needle, and for clients who don't want the downtime, or cost of a traditional micro-needling treatment.

When micro-channeling, you'll still use a 12, 24 or 36 cartridge tip.  The only thing difference will be the depth setting on your pen, which should be .25mm or less. 

Below are some of our favorite products to micro-channel into the skin:

Hyperpigmetnation:  Reset Clinical Multi-Vita Serum or Vitalagen Solution Kit by O'Melon

Anti-aging: Bravity Stem Cell Kit, or any of the ampoules from Zena


Micro-needling also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is used to stimulate collagen production, regulate melanocyte activity, and improve overall skin texture.  This is a popular treatment for acne scarring as it breaks up the scar tissue, allowing the skin to heal in a more normal environment.

Unlike micro-channeling, the sweet spot for anti-aging benefits requires a depth of .5-1mm which is where the dermal-epidermal junction is. Scar revision requires deeper needling, around 2mm depending on scar tissue. 

And, similar to micro-channeling, you'll use a 12, 24 or 36 cartridge tip, and adjust the depth accordingly.

Tips for micro-needling:  Use a numbing cream to keep your client comfortable, (you can also use a Translucent Esthetic Wrap™), always wrap your pen to prevent cross contamination, and choose high quality products like Zena's line of ampoules


Regardless of the type of needling you'll be doing, the Reset Skin System continues to be our post popular product for several reasons: the support we give, the quality, and the backbar cost!  If you have our Reset Skin System, or the previous version, we'd love to hear what you're loving about it!


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