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Kin Aesthetics and Kin Professional Treatment Room

Are Your Books Dead? Time for an Audit

Your books are looking a little empty, and you don’t know what to do. Maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe this has been an ongoing problem, either way let’s do a little audit, shall we? W...
Solo Esthetician

Perks Of Being A Solo Esthetician

Being an Esthetician is such a fun career! It cultivates and honors creativity, and allows so much freedom. We’ve compiled some of the coolest things about being a solo esthetician: EVERYDAY IS DIF...
How to make a lasting impression by Kin Professional

How Do Clients Remember You?

What is your “special touch”, “trademark”, or the “thing” that clients have come to love and expect from you? It could be you started it on purpose, or by accident, but either way, embrace it! We a...
Increase Your Retail

Increase Your Retail

It’s undeniable the industry has progressed through a major transformation; in an industry centered on human contact, we suddenly must find ways to touch our clients remotely. We can continue to gr...
Esthetician Advice

Ways to Stay Motivated + Push for Success

The esthetic industry is not for the faint of heart.  It’s for those who are able to push through and ride the waves of uncertainty (and even get a thrill out of it!). When our schedules are slow(e...
Holiday Promo Ideas for Spas

Holiday Promo Ideas for the Spa

With November just a week away, we wanted to give some Holiday promo ideas if time has gotten away from you: PLAN FOR THE HOLIDAYS Christmas (what?!) is not too far away. I don’t want to admit ...