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Zena Algae Peel Demo

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Want to know more about algae/spicule peels? We will perform a 15 minute light protocol peel to the face, which includes a cleanse, algae application, removal, and post-gel application.  This is not a training class, this is just a demo so you can experience the Algae Peel for yourself.  If interested in training, you may sign up here 

This peel is 100% natural and resurfaces the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, improving texture, and stimulating fibroblast  activity. The spicules enter the epidermis, but are absorbed by the body within 12-48 hours. So please know your skin will be red and you will likely feel the spicules for the first 24 hours. You'll want to avoid excess heat for 24-48 hours, and the sun for a week. 

This is a demo treatment exclusively for IECSC attendees. October 9-10th only. 

*Please know that although we'll have a designated treatment area, you'll be visible to other attendees.