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3 Hydro Cool Protocols You Need To Try

3 Hydro Cool Protocols You Need To Try

With four different modalities, we love the versatility of O'Melon's Hydro Cool. 
This blog was inspired by the questions we get daily on how we incorporate the Hydro Cool into our practice!  Here are some creative ways to create your own facial protocols using the Hydro Cool.

Congested/Angry skin

Clients with congested skin will likely benefit from a deep cleaning facial.  Start by using an appropriate cleanser to clean your clients face. 

Next, apply an XO pre-extraction mask by O'Melon.  This will help break up surface oils, and prep the skin for extractions. 

After 5 to 10 minutes, remove the mask and begin the Hydro Cool treatment. Using Reset Clinical's Cleanse Hydra Serum, use the aqua peel handpiece to perform hydrodermabrasion.  This is a deep cleaning solution that has lactic acid. You'll want to use the largest head on the handpiece because this will give the least resistance, which is more suited for inflamed skin.

The cryo modality will also be your friend in helping to reduce inflammation, and because the cryo function also has iontophoresis, we recommend using a calming sheet mask like the HC Hydra Calming Mask.

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is really hard to work with, especially when trying to perform extractions.  We recommend starting with a gentle cleanse, and follow with an appropriate enzyme peel.

Apply any masks you'd like to use, and then at the very end of the facial, using the Hydro Cool with a hydrating serum (like O'Melon's AO Solution), stamp the skin.  You'll want to use a stamping technique because the goal isn't to extract, but to infuse the skin.  

Before the serum has fully absorbed use the handheld cryo with iontophoresis to drive those serums into the skin.  Don't forget to apply an occlusive layer of moisturizer over top!

Mature Skin

All mature skin is different, but a common theme we've noticed in our practice is the need for moisture and barrier support.  This protocol is amazing at delivering hydration while also lifting and tightening the skin with the Hydro Cool's microcurrent modality. 

First cleanse the skin, followed by your choice of exfoliation.  You could use the Hydro Cool for this, with the Exfoliate Hydra Serum or you could also use an enzyme mask. 

After exfoliation, apply your choice of conducting gel/mist and perform microcurrent with attachment. If you're new to microcurrent, check out our blog here.

Next, apply any hydrating mask or skip to serum infusion using the Hydro Cool with the AO Hydrating Solution.  Use a stamping technique to infuse the skin.  While skin is still damp, use the cryo function with iontophoresis to help push product into the skin. 

What we love most about the Hydro Cool is that you can use any modality by itself, and create your own facial protocol. 

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