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Acne Facial: PD-13 vs Omega Green

Acne Facial: PD-13 vs Omega Green

We absolutely love the Omega Green by Omelon, and have since the moment we first used it. That will never change. BUT did you know there's a new gal in town, KrX's PD-13?

Unlike Omega Green, this product requires RED LED, and is not nano-needled into the skin.  In this blog post, we'll discuss the differences between these two innovative acne facial protocols, so you'll know which is best for your client.

Omega Green

We'll start with the OG, Omega Green, she's a bit more versatile. 

Omega Green is a Chlorophllyn Copper Complex (CCC) + Allantoin treatment.   It soothes, accelerates healing and kills acne causing bacteria.

Because CCC is also known to help expedite the healing process, and slow the growth of certain anaerobic bacteria on the skin, it is an appropriate treatment for those with acne, rosacea, dermatitis and even sunburn, to name a few. 

After just one treatment you'll notice your clients skin is less red and inflamed. It's like magic.

Omega Green can be nano-needled into the skin to increase penetration, but is not necessary.  It requires blue LED to activate the product, and it's recommended to avoid direct light for the first 24 hours.

KrX PD-13

PD-13 is a Methyl Aminolevulinate (MAL) product. MAL is a topical photo-sensitizing agent that is used with photodymanic therapy.  It is traditionally used in treating skin cancer, and actinic keratosis, but has recently been found to help with acne by MAL being taken up by the pilosebaceous unit.  Photoactivation of porphyrins causes the formation of singlet oxygen and reactive radicals, which may kill the bacteria. That was a lot of info; but in short, a lot of research has been put into the product.

Unlike Omega Green, this treatment is not nano-needled into the skin.  It's a bit stronger than the Omega Green and should not be used on those with sunburns, or severe barrier issues.  Also, PD-13 requires red LED.  The full facial protocol can be found here

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