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Anti-aging Hand Protocol

Anti-aging Hand Protocol

Want to know a person's real age? Just look at their hands.

We're going to share an easy hand protocol, that you can include in a facial promo, or charge as an add-on.

This treatment is not only brightening, but it is also hydrating, and feels amazing for the client. 


STEP 1:  Cleanse the hand KrX Pre Cleanse Balm.  This will be used to not only clean, but also as a massage medium.  Since we are doing a peel, we don't want to apply anything on the skin afterwards.

STEP 2: Second cleanse with Zena Light Peeling Foam (or any cleanser designed for pre-peel use) to fully remove all traces of oil from the skin.  Really concentrate on the top part of the hand, or anywhere you'll be applying the peel. 

STEP 3: Apply Zena Toner or KrX Pre Treatment Toner to fully remove any remaining oils from the top of the hand

STEP 4: For spot treatments use KrX MelaPro, or  for all over treatment use KrX Brightening Peel  - Apply 1 layer and leave on up to 2 minutes.  If tolerable, apply another layer.  Apply up to 3 layers or up to 6 minutes. 

STEP 3: Without washing, apply KrX Post Peel Toner 

STEP 4: Apply KrX Repair Cream and SPF

 A few treatments may be necessary, depending on the treated spot. As mentioned, this could be a menu offering, or an upgrade. 

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