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Spa Promo Ideas

St Patrick’s Day Spa Promos

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of holiday themed facials. I just find them to be cliche, but I know there are plenty of clients who look forward to these kinds of specials, I thought I’d share some fun St Patrick’s Day promotional ideas.

  • Seaweed Facial: Skinscript makes a refreshing Seaweed mask, and although, technically it isn’t green, the client doesn’t know that. The Seaweed mask is great for this time of year as well, as it’s full of lipids, and helps heal dry skin.
  • Golden Facial: There are several ways to incorporate gold into your facial. Storyderm has an incredible golden capsule mask that is like a tall glass of water for the skin. There are also several brands that have gold leaf sheets, which make for beautiful photographs
  • Berry Peel: A play on lucky charms, this facial is fruity and smells amazing. Glymed’s 5 Berry Pigment Peel
  • Complimentary CBD Hydrojelly Mask by Esthemax
  • CBD Infusion Facial: Using Color Up Therapeutics CBD line, you can create a custom facial protocol


St Patricks Day Spa Promos

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