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Omega 3-in-1 Hydroderm Device

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The device you've been waiting for.  The Omega 3-in-1 Hydroderm Device is a multi-functional hydroderm machine that brings aqual peel (hydroderm), Diamond Peel (use of diamond tip), Oxygen Mister and Electroporation in one compact unit.

The touch screen makes it easy to adjust suction, flow and pressure of each modality.


Aqua Peel

  • Comes with one bottle for solution, which is interchangeable, allowing you to customize the treatment.  We recommend purchasing extra bottles for varying solutions for this purpose.  Looking for solutions? Check out our collection here.
  • 8 plastic tips are included that can be reused (when sanitized) and one diamond tip for further exfoliation. 


Oxygen Mister

  • Breaks up ampoules and toners into nano-sized particles making them more readily absorbed by the skin.  O'Melon makes a variety of ampoules that are made especially for oxygen misters. 


  • Comes with two electrodes that attach to the client, to further increase product penetration. Can be used on the aqua peel setting or with oxygen mister


One year warranty. Made in Korea.  Minimal assembly required.