All About the Carboxy CO2 Facial

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Carboxy CO2 is a unique treatment that isn't necessarily new, but is one we don't hear about that often. I'm not sure why, either, because it has amazing lifting, and brightening capabilities, and it's like a giant lymphatic massage for the face. 

What is Carboxy and how does it work? 

Carboxy is a CO2 therapy that can be either injected or applied topically.  Since I'm an esthetician, I will only be touching on the topical application.

The treatment involves applying CO2 gel to the skin, and placing a rigid sheet mask over top trapping in the CO2.  

The trapped CO2 than creates what's known as the Bohr Effect; the increase in carbon dioxide in the tissue stimulates an unloading of oxygen into the tissue, which creates a powerful oxygen boost, promoting healing and regeneration. 

Some benefits of Carboxy are an immediate lifting effect, encourages the formation of new blood vessels, stimulates collagen and elastin and improves the skin's metabolism. 

The tightening effect that happens when the CO2 and mask meet also encourages lymphatic drainage which helps flush toxins. 


Who is this facial for?

Carboxy can be used on virtually anybody!  It's important to note there will be some erythema post-treatment which is from the increase of blood circulation.  There may be a slight tingling or stinging sensation and that is completely normal.

I love this this facial for my dehydrated clients, and those looking for a brightening treatment. 


How to do a Carboxy CO2 Facial

I really love KrX's Carboxy treatment, and its super easy to use.  Here is my protocol:

Double cleanse skin - do not use any AHA or BHA prior to treatment. Doing so may increase the tingling/stinging sensation I mentioned.

Cover clients eyes and mouth with 2x2 gauze pads so that the gel does not slide into those areas

Apply CO2 Gel to the skin in a thick layer

Apply the enclosed sheet mask over top and push into skin over the gel.  You want to make sure you're getting a good seal so take your time.  There is a learning curve, so I recommend trying on yourself first!

Leave on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes

Upon removing apply a little more gel to the top of the mask to help loosen it, and remove mask. 

Remove any remaining gel from skin and use a 2x2 gauze pad with toner to ensure all gel is removed

Follow with serum of choice, moisturizer and SPF


Carboxy has so many health benefits, and I really feel it's underutilized in the treatment room!  If you try this protocol please let us know how you like it!

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  • Do you provide this treatment as a stand alone service or is it added on to a facial? Or is it not recommended to use with a facial? Thank you for the protocol!!

    Shana on

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