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How To Apply Alganite Masks the Korean Way

How To Apply Alganite Masks the Korean Way

There is much debate about what alganite masks do or don't do for the skin.  We're not here to debate, but we are here to share a special technique we learned in Korea. 


Apply a sheet mask of choice to skin; I used O'Melon Vita Glow An alternative would be applying a thick layer of serum.  The alganite mask will act as a vacuum seal, in theory pushing ingredients deeper into the skin.

Korean Alganite Mask


Apply two damp cotton rounds over the eyes. This will keep any creeping alganite mask from getting on the eyelashes, and it stops that creeping sensation which can be unnerving; thus making it more comfortable for the client.

Next, apply a gauze face mask. This will act as a barrier and will provide easier removal of the mask. 



Apply mask of choice. This method works best with alganite, rubber or plaster masks.  None of the spas in Korea applied the mask over the eyes or mouth, and we have to say we appreciated that. 



Once the mask has fully set, gently remove




Clean up any mask particles that may have been left over. Apply any finishing products, and that's it, you're done!

I used KrX Aqua Cream followed by KrX Skin Tint in Light/Medium


If you'd like to see the full demo you can watch it on our Youtube channel


If you've been struggling to like alganite masks too, I hope this helps!


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