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Are Sponges The New Chemical Peel?

Zena Algae Peel
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The word spicule has been trending the last couple of years, but this natural peeling ingredient has been around for centuries.

Spicules are the endoskeleton of a sponge.  They are sharp, barbed like structures, that contain important minerals and nutrients for the skin.

There are thousands of species of sponges, and each can be identified by it's unique spicule structure.

As mentioned above, spicules are very sharp.  When used as a peeling treatment, they not only mechanically resurface the skin, but they also trigger fibroblast activity, stimulating collagen production, and initiating a healing response.  This improves the overall texture, firmness and tone of the skin!


The real magic however, is encased within the spicule.  

Inside is a world of symbiotic microorganisms, minerals, natural antibiotics and steroids (Vitamin D).  This polypharmacy of natural elements provides the unique ability to treat a variety of issues. 

Those suffering from acne will likely benefit from the high concentration of Zinc, Linoleic Acid, and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients.   Copper, which is essential in building new tissue and stimulating collagen production, will also help with any textural issues associated with acne.

Spicules are also used to as an anti-aging treatment. Not only does it stimulate collagen production, but hyperpigmentation is decreased through accelerated cell turnover, and minerals such as Zinc and B12 suppress Melanocyte stimulating factors. 

If that wasn't enough, spicules (when used alone) are safe for all Fitzpatrick skin types!  When used with other ingredients (and each manufacturer has a different formulation) it's important to check the ingredient deck.  Just to be safe, Fitzpatrick V-VI should always be prepped with a tyrosinase inhibitor to reduce the chances of PIH.

If spicules sound like something you'd like to add to your treatment menu, we'd love to have you attend our training course.  We are official trainers for Zena Cosmetics, and we're loving the changes we've been seeing in our client's skin!

Watch a preview of the Zena Algae Peel in action!


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