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Sunburn Facial

Sunburn Facial

Client comes in, very sunburned. Frantically, we switch gears and try to throw some sort of treatment together.  We got you: the perfect sunburn remedy that's also safe for all skin types.

This facial will instantly soothe, calm, hydrate, and expedite the healing process.

The protocol is below, but here are a few additional tips.  Do not use any hot towels, instead opt for cool ones, or use gauze soaked in either cold water or a hydrating toner. Second, although the protocol doesn't call for LED, you can certainly incorporate it for additional anti-inflammatory benefits!

Facial Protocol

STEP 1 Pre Cleanse (optional): Use the Pre Cleanse Balm by KrX to remove all traces of makeup.  This will instantly melt into your hand, and feels amazing.  Remove with cold towels or mitts 


STEP 2 First or Second Cleanse: Use KrX Glow Cleanser with a little bit of Glow Toner, and apply to skin with hands or mask brush. Leave on for up to 3 minutes, then remove with cold towels or mitts.  Follow with Glow Toner. 


STEP 3 KrX Cryofacial Caps: Mix one KrX Cryofacial Cap with 40 to 60ml of cold water. Drape face with gauze and apply Cryofacial mask on top. Remove after 10 minutes.


STEP 4 Astaxanthin Mask: Apply KrX HA + Vit C Serum and immediately follow with KrX Astaxanthin Gelee Mask


STEP 5 Finish: Remove Astaxanthin mask after it has fully set.  Use Glow Toner to remove any remaining mask.  Apply another layer of HA + Vit C to the skin and follow with KrX Aqua Cream and Sunblocker


We guarantee this will leave your client's skin happy.  Don't forget to sell your client some sunblock. It's the perfect opportunity!

You can view and print this protocol here, if you'd like. 


If you try this facial protocol out, don't forget to share your before + afters in our Facebook Group!


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