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The Esthi Initiative Scholarship

The Esthi Initiative Scholarship

What is That?

The Esthi Initiative is a registered non-profit that will be awarding scholarships of varying monetary amounts to a qualifying, registered esthetician on a quarterly basis.

We can’t even believe we are announcing this; in part, because we are so excited to be able to continue our mission of supporting our fellow community. Also, because we are finally in a position to where we are able!

The first scholarship, which will be awarded to one esthetician on February 1st, will be our initial investment of $500.

After this, we will be launching a super cute, soft “Support Your Local Esthetician” t-shirt. The majority of profit from these sales will go towards The Esthi Initiative for the next award, to be given out in March (then quarterly following this).

The Esthi Initiative

How Does it Work?

Each quarter, we will accept scholarship applications.

Applicants must be currently licensed for at least 6 months, a member of our Facebook group, Support + Success for the Solo Esthetician , and complete the required application form.

Applicant must choose from the list of eligible classes, equipment, or retail lines. If the applicant has something else in mind, they certainly can let us know, and we will consider.

We have a board of four diverse women who will choose a winner.

We are thrilled to continue our mission of helping skincare professionals reach their goals!

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