Ways to Stay Motivated + Push for Success

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The esthetic industry is not for the faint of heart. 

It’s for those who are able to push through and ride the waves of uncertainty (and even get a thrill out of it!).

When our schedules are slow(er) it can be easy to let self-doubt take over. Perhaps we consider a career change, or maybe it feels like we’ve lost our passion for esthetics.

Here are some ways to shut down that voice of self doubt, and reignite the passion:


“Take the attitude of a student; never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” -Og Mandino

With an industry that is constantly changing, it can not be stressed enough how important continuing education is. Whether it’s debunking old skincare beliefs, or new technologies being introduced, there is always room to learn and grow.

Learning a new treatment, or gaining additional certification can be a great way to get excited about our field.

Looking for classes? ASCP is a great resource, as is Dermascope. We also highly recommend JoElle Lee’s Advanced Esthetic Training and Oncology Training International.


Most likely you’re a skincare junkie, it’s okay, we all are.  Sometimes reigniting passion is as easy as exploring a new skincare line!

For example, Stephanie Laynes has a Esthetician Subscription Box that is curated for the esthetician! It arrives quarterly and has professional skincare just for us estheticians! At $99 it’s super affordable, and worth it, as you receive free product education! This is an example of a perfect way to reignite our love of all things skincare!


Maybe you’re just tired of doing the same treatments over and over again; it happens! If you’re a solo esthetician you have free creative reign within your business, so why not exercise that freedom!?

You could completely change your offerings, add new treatments, incorporate a new technique you’ve learned, or create monthly specials. One of our favorite ways to stay excited, and get our clients equally excited is to have a new monthly facial offering!


Network, baby! Get to know your fellow estheticians locally and across social media. We are inspired by so many estheticians and often find ourselves engaging across multiple media platforms, leading to trying something new in the treatment room! Is there an esthi locally you could bounce ideas off of? We are not competition, we are each other’s support!


If you’re in a slump, you may just need to reach out and get some advice. There are many esthetician groups on Facebook, including ours, Support and Success for the Solo Esthetician.  Another suggestion is finding a business coach within the industry.  

The key to staying motivated is to immerse yourself in everything this amazing industry has to offer, and to actively find inspiration that you can implement into your own practice.

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