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Skinbolic Lemon Modeling Mask

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Product Info

A lemon modeling mask that calms, brightens and reduces redness. It also sets up faster than the average modeling mask, meaning it saves you time! Dries to a hard, porcelain-like consistency. Great for lifting and tightening. 10-12 treatments/package. 


Why We Love It

  • Can be used as part of the Lemon Therapy Kit protocol or as a mask step in any facial
  • Contains pure lemon extract


How to Use:

1. Using enclosed spoon, use 4 scoops of mask powder with 2 scoops of purified water.

2. Apply to skin, and leave for 20 minutes, Tip: Apply over gauze for easier removal. 


About Skinbolic

Skinbolic is a professional Korean skincare company founded by a mom wanting to find effective, natural ingredients for her daughter’s skin. What started with one product has grown to over 50 and into a global skincare brand. Marrying Korean innovation with a love of quality ingredients, Skinbolic creates diverse, simple products with clear protocols. 


Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Citrate, Lemon) Fruit Powder, Fragrance