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O'Melon Cryo Derma Cooler

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Product Information 

Derma Coolers are a handheld cryo tool filled with a special gel enabling it to stay cool for up to 3 hours. These are sold individiually

Pro Tip:  Use after spicule peels to apply serums and moisturizer for a more pleasant experience for the client.  Try with Mutoface Azulene Soothing Ice Gel


Why We Love It

  • Can be used in the treatment room to soothe the skin post peel, or waxing
  • Great item to retail
  • They will not break if dropped

About O'Melon

O'Melon is a leading skincare and device company out of Korea. They focus on developing products which lends itself to barrier repair, and are known for their cutting-edge technology in skincare devices.