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Reset Skin System Dermal Needling Pen

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Product Information

The Reset Skin System Dermal Needling pen (same pen we're known for, just renamed) is designed for professionals. It's a cordless device that is for micro and nanoneedling. It has five speeds with an adjustable depth up to 2.5mm.

Includes a one year warranty, and lifetime support. PDF Manual is downloadable in the order confirmation email. 

 Tip cartridges sold separately, and can be purchased here

Here are some of our favorite products to use with our Reset Skin System:

Leedfrost, an effective, FDA approved, and affordable numbing cream

Translucent esthetic wraps to increase the speed of numbing

Mesoheal post micro-needling sheet mask to aid in healing ad supporting a healthy skin barrier


  • Speed 6000-12000 RPM
  • Needle Depth .25-2.5mm
  • Adapter 4.2V-500MA
  • Class 1 Registration: 878.4820
  • RPM: Red: 12,000 Purple: 11,000 Blue: 10,000 Yellow: 8,000 Green: 6,000

Why We Love It

  • Affordable 
  • Back-flow Protection
  • Sleek black look 
  • Cordless


About Reset Clinical 

Reset Clinical is inspired by renewed beliefs, revised rituals and thoughtfully Korean