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Subir Korean Lash Shampoo

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SUBIR Natural Shampoo is a lash shampoo made with EWG green grade and natural ingredients. A multi-tasker, it cleanses, removes oil, increases retention during lash extensions, and protects the roots of eyelashes.


Why We Love It

  •  Removes oil and increases retention during lash extension services. 
  • A must retail item for lash extension clients
  • Foamy & easy to use
  • Protects lash roots 
  • Includes a wooden-handle brush to apply 
  • Made in Korea


Aqua, propylene glycol, leucine, citric acid, retinyl palmitate sodium, chloride, potassium lactate, phytic acid, olea europea (olive) leaf extract, aloe barbadesis (aloe vera) leaf juice