How I've Added $350 A Week To My Totals

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We love what we do, but we're also here to make money, right?

Here is a trick I recently implemented that has proven to be very beneficial in adding to my sales ticket. 

I am always trying to find ways to make my client's experience that much more personal.  I feel like it adds to their experience, and it also helps me provide a top notch service. 

I've been consistently bringing in an extra $350 a week using a facial preference form.  This is something I created; feel free to use it, or create your own!

Here's what it is....

A few days before any facial client's appointment, they receive an email/text asking them to fill out a facial preference form.  Preferences include: 


Scented Towel Option

Patchouli, Black Pepper + Lavender (I use the pillow mist from Thara Sacra

Lemongrass + Lavender (I create my own)

Jasmine + Yarrow (I also create my own)

And obviously no scent for those sensitive

I see other estheticians scenting their towels at the beginning of the day, but I strongly advise against that as a client may have an allergy or be sensitive to smells.


Scalp Massage

I like to give them the option in case they have something they're doing after.  I also provide dry shampoo and comb in case they want it!


Silent Appointment

Sometimes our clients just want to be cared for, and don't want to expend energy talking or thinking. I love giving clients the option of a silent appointment.  Of course, I always let them lead, and if they ask questions I answer. I think it's important to read their energy.



This is where the extra money comes in.  Add-ons are a great way to add to the original ticket.  Sending this form a few days beforehand creates an "last call" urgency. 

My clients can always add-on to their service at the time of booking, but honestly they rarely do.  I think breaking up the booking process like this "lessens" the financial burden psychologically speaking. 

For example, say you're at a store and you see a $60 shirt and $40 scarf you like, but you can only bring yourself to buy the shirt. You feel better spending $60 rather than $100, right?  But lets say your errands take you to another store and there is another scarf that catches your eye.  I don't know about you, but I'm buying the scarf for $40, because, well it's only $40.  It's just easier to justify this way, at least for me, and I know I'm not alone!


This process works, I promise!!  And of course you can create your own version. Other ideas I've had include:

  • CBD upgrade
  • Hair mask that they leave on
  • Cuticle treatment
  • Gua Sha
  • Hydrating lip treatment
  • Light chemical peel

I personally use Vagaro - I love the ease of booking, and all the extras it has to offer, including forms!  Below is an actual screen shot of my facial preference form.




I really recommend implementing this into your practice.  Like I said, it has continuously brought in $350/wk for me.  That's an extra $1400, and I only work 3 days a week!

If you try it, we would love to hear how it's worked out for you.  Send us message on IG, or email us at

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