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O'Melon Cryo Derma Cooler

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O'melon’s Derma Cooler is a handheld cryo tool filled with a special gel enabling it to stay cool for up to 3 hours. These are sold individually 


Pro Tip:  Use after spicule peels to apply serums and moisturizer for a more pleasant experience for the client.


Why We Love It

  • Can be used in the treatment room to sooth skin post peel, or reduce inflammation in acneic clients.

  • Keep in beauty fridge or ice water for convenient cooling

  • Great item to retail: Small  MSRP $22, Medium MSRP $33

  • They do not break if dropped


What Others Are Saying

I cannot recommend these enough! I’ve been using cooling globes for a few years now, and was very intrigued by these Derma coolers. I ordered two and tried them out on two of my favorite regulars that also like being my guinea pigs for new products and tools. They LOVE them! I’ve been using them in every facial now, and they’re a game changer. The skin cools down a lot faster and more evenly (if that makes sense), inflammation disappears, and these are so easy to glide across the face. Always twirling and swirling the cooling globes would make my tendinitis act up, and these don’t bother me at all!”

“These are amazing!! Love these for my sensitive and acneic clients or after a spicy treatment!!”