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Subir Korean Lash Shampoo

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Product Information

SUBIR Natural Shampoo is a lash shampoo made with EWG green grade and natural ingredients. A multi-tasker, it cleanses, removes oil, increases retention during lash extensions, and protects the roots of eyelashes.


Product Information

  • Removes oil and increases retention during lash extension services
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Comes with a wooden-handled brush to apply

About Subir

Subir is a Korean lash company that specializes in lash lifting, and lash growth supplies. Their focus is on 


Aqua, propylene glycol, leucine, citric acid, retinyl palmitate sodium, chloride, potassium lactate, phytic acid, olea europea (olive) leaf extract, aloe barbadesis (aloe vera) leaf juice