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Zena 100% Organic Algae Peel

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Product Information

The Algae peel by Zena uses spicules sourced from the pristine freshwater lakes of the Ukraine. 

The spicules contained in the Algae Peel contain a host of minerals, including Zinc and Copper, both of which are beneficial for those with acne, or those looking for an effective anti-aging treatment.

This is a unique peel that reduces fine lines and scarring, heals acne and inflammation, and targets hyperpigmentation.

* This is only available for certified Zena professionals.  If you're interested in becoming certified, please check out training here. 


Why We Love It

  • Safe for all fitz with proper peel prep
  • Improves melasma
  • 100% natural


About Zena

Zena is a Ukrainian company that works with Korean scientists and laboratories. All of their products are Korean made. They focus on innovative treatments using cutting edge technology