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How To Choose The Appropriate Zena Chemical Peel

How To Choose The Appropriate Zena Chemical Peel

With so many chemical peels to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your client?  

Below we've broken down Zena's line of chemical peels, sharing what they're best for.  It's short, sweet, and hopefully useful!


 Peel Best For
Azelaic Rosacea and Acne. Highly anti-inflammatory. Best used after a facial as a toning step.
Mandelic Acne. Gently helps excel turnover and reduce pigmentation.
MAZ Azelaic + Mandelic. Best used for those with acne.
Lactic Hyperpigmentation and Dehydrated skin
AHA Gentle resurfacing
BHA Acne. Excels turnover and helps control sebum production
G-BHA Acne. Best used after BHA. 
Retinol Glycolic Anti-aging and Photodamage
TCA Hyperpigmentation and Photodamage
Jessner Overall rejuvenation. Anti-aging, PIH and Photodamage


If you're new to chemical peels, or would like a refresher, we offer an online chemical peel course that can be taken at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home! 

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