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P.S. I love you, Korea

P.S. I love you, Korea

10 years ago I lived in South Korea.  It was an experience that totally changed the trajectory of my life.  I was there studying, and teaching English to several schools in rural areas.  I'd like to say it was the children and teaching I fell in love with, but it was actually the beauty industry. 

On just about every street corner there's a day spa or skincare store, and I never quite knew how they stayed in business with so much competition.  

In South Korea, self care isn't this proclamation or cliché Instagram post, it's just a habit.  It's about remaining centered, focused, happy and whole. Rituals rooted in timeless tradition.  It's never a discussion, it's an integral part of their culture and daily life--almost like us saying brushing our teeth is self care.  It really is a beautiful thing to witness. 

After frequenting several spas and health centers, I decided when I came back to the US I wanted to become an esthetician.  Fast forward several years, and after working for someone else, I eventually decided to open my own skincare studio that focused on Korean skincare rituals.

I offer treatments that nobody else around me offers, giving me a unique edge, and it doesn't stop there. I am always investigating and learning about the new technologies and trends coming out of South Korea; which, alone could be a full-time gig. 

To me, Korean skincare isn't a fad, and it isn't some marketing ploy.  I have witnessed first-hand how long it takes products developed in Korea to hit the US market (...sheet masks...foot peels?).  To be able to bring these treatments to my clients before they are mainstream here is so exciting, and truly inspires me even on the most mundane day. Most of all, though, it's helping my clients learn that self care shouldn't be on a to-do list, it's crucial in becoming our best self. 

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