KrX Mela-Pro: A Brightening Spot Treatment

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Mela-Pro by KrX is a combination of five different acids, and is meant to spot treat hyper-pigmenation. We recommend reserving this no-downtime peel for stubborn areas of melasma and sun damage.

 ✓  20% Lactic Acid gently accelerates cell turn over

 ✓  10% Citric Acid not only accelerates cell turn over but it works in unison with the other acids for faster results

 ✓  10% Kojic Acid is an incredible skin brightener, and suppresses tyrosinase activity. 

✓ 10% TCA breaks up keratin and can be strog, however Mela-Pro is formulated with a higher pH level to avoid side effects.

✓ Hydrogen Peroxide stimulates collagen production, and it also helps buffer the TCA making it a safer peel.  


Mela-Pro Protocol

1. Use KrX's Enzyme Cleanser

2. Use KrX Pre-Peel Toner - it is very important that a neutral skin pH is achievedbefore the skin peeling session, to provide better results.


3. Apply the peel with a Q-tip - not brush.  This is important to make sure that the product is only applied to areas it's needed. Mela Pro Spot peel whitens the dark areas, if applied on the skin surrounding it, it will cause the normal skin tone to also whiten, leaving the dark area also darker, so it is highly suggested to use the peel only on the spot and area its needed, to achieve an even skin color all over. 

4. Apply 1 layer of peel. And wait for 30 seconds.

5. Apply another layer of peel, and wait another 30 seconds.  Repeat until 4 layers are achieved

6. Wait for 2 minutes.  Warning, clients may feel itchy, stinging or a warm sensation. This is normal.  However, if it becomes unbearable, neutralize immediately. Always ask your client how they're doing between each layer. 

7. Apply Post-Peel Toner on the spot where the peel is applied. DO NOT RUB. You can apply with a brush or dab using a soaked cotton pad. - after applying to the area where peel is applied, apply another layer to a bigger area (including the surrounding area).

8. Apply Repair Cream

9. Apply SPF (if session is done in the day time)

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