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Last Chance!

These are not returned products, but rather:


  • The packaging has been bruised and dented by the carrier or us (we can be clumsy)
  • We ordered too many of a particular product or by mistake and cannot return
  • The old packaging or old design of a particular product
  • Unopened samples that, due to pricing/availability or some other reason, we don't carry. 

For these reason, we cannot sell them at full price, but don't want them to go to waste. 

*Any consumable product (cleaner, ampoule, etc.) will always be in its original, unopened bottle. 

**All products labeled "Last Chance" are final sale. 

  1. Matrigen Active Purifier Cream
  1. Sale
  1. Matrigen E.S.R PDRN Ampoule (Last Chance!)
  1. (Last Chance) Reset Clinical Hydra Serum "Cleanse" (Step 1)
  1. Silver Needling Device (Last Chance)