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Dermabell Allure Gold Therapy Set

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A luxurious therapy set containing 99.9% real 24K gold. It creates timelessly glowing and youthful skin by providing rich moisture, firming, promoting blood circulation, boosting regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Each set contains enough for 10 treatments
1 x Allure Gold Ampoule (50ml), 1 x Allure Aroma Heating Oil (120g), 20 x Big Gold Foil Sheets (for cheeks), 20 x Medium Gold Foil Sheets (for forehead), 20 x Small Gold Foil Sheets (for chin and nose tip), 1 x Allure Gold Peeling Cream (100ml), 1 x Allure Powder Modeling Mask (750g)

Why We Love It

  • Key Ingredient is 24K Gold - 24K Gold promotes cell renewal, has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, brightens skin tone, prevents pre-mature aging, and helps detoxify the skin
  • Blend of plant-based ingredients further help detoxify the skin
  • Allure Aroma Heating Oil provides a luxurious massage experience and contains Jojoba, Gold and Adenosine
  • Allure Gold Peeling Cream is high in antioxidants (blackberry, blueberry and strawberry), it also contains 24K Gold, and Royal Jelly Extract


Allure Aroma Heating Oil
Massage oil with light scent, promoting skin blood circulation and metabolism with effects of warm massage. 

Gold Serum
Gently massage it into the skin for improving wrinkles and to give the skin rich moisture.

Gold Foil
Relaxes the skin, gives it flexibility, removes toxins, promotes cell renewal and has a whitening effect.

24K Gold Cream
Contains royal jelly extract and Vitamin B5 to provide nourishment and elasticity to the skin. When massaged into the skin with the gold foil, it can further improve wrinkles, purify the skin and enhance firming.

NEW! Allure Gold Powder to Gel Pack

This powder mixes with water to become a facial mask that molds to any face shape, and peels off easily to leave the face feeling fresh and nourished. It uses pure gold, pomegranate fruit, witch hazel and purslane extracts to minimize wrinkles, moisturize the skin, manage the keratin content in skin and make skin smooth and elastic.