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Marbled Beauty Fridge

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How cute are these mini fridges?  They are the perfect size for the treatment room! They are a great way to keep your masks cold, store your derma coolers or prolong the life of temperature sensitive products.

This 8L Beauty Fridge is able to be used as a fridge (53 degrees) or heater (140 degrees). Powered with environmentally friendly thermal electric cooling.

10" high x 8 wide x 12.79 deep


Why We Love It

  • Compact and only 8lb
  • Can be used warm or cold
  • Can be retailed to clients (MSRP $120)



How to minimize condensation

Condensation can be normal, but there are a few ways to limit it. Condensation is usually a result of humidity entering when the door is left open, or opened often. We recommend keeping it closed during your routine and storing it on a dry, flat surface away from any sources of heat, direct sunlight and humidity.

It's also important not to add too much to your fridge, this can result in poor circulation and causing condensation.

While we understand you can never have enough skincare, it's important to not overload your Beauty Fridge. Storing too many products inside may lead to poor cold air circulation.

We recommend giving a minimum of 4 inches around the outside of your fridge for proper ventilation and appropriate air flow. Without this, your fridges cooling system can work overtime, resulting in condensation and ice.