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Zena Collagen Hyaluronic Solution Ampoule Set

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Highly concentrated low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with natural caviar extract, gold, placenta, collagen, and seaweed extract.  

Contains matrix peptides that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, trigger and stimulate cell renewal and have a powerful anti-aging effect.

The concentrate has unique contents of low molecular weight collagen oligopeptides of marine origin. The amino acid composition of collagen oligopeptides mainly consists of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. These three amino acids are critical for the accumulation of collagen fibers, ensuring optimal skin hydration and firmness. 




  • Anti-aging effect
  • Wrinkle smoothing and reduction
  • Skin hydration
  • Skin smoothness and elasticity
  • Lifting effect



Can be mixed in with Zena Algae Peels for targeted treatments

Apply topically on the skin as a serum

Can be used as a targeted serum with Mesotherapy, skin needling, and electroporation


Kit includes 10x Ampoule Vials of 10ml each

3 Year Shelf life

Use within 6 months of opening (secure lid on ampoule and store in fridge)


Ingredients:  Purified Water (Aqua), Collagen, Protein, Hyaluronic acid, Sodium Citrate, Phenoxyethanol