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Zena Nine Peptides Ampoule Set

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Nine Peptide ampoule encourages skin to form new collagen.  Contains 9 active peptides designed with each ingredient having a small enough molecular size to be able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where it's most effective. With Zena's complex, lines will be diminished, skin will look radiant, and feel moisturized. 

The peptides restore disturbed microcirculation in different layers of the skin, normalizes the condition of vascular walls. 



  • Moisturizes and plumps the skin
  • Repairs skin tissue and reduces inflammation
  • Restores micro-circulation in different layers of the skin
  • Normalizes the condition of vascular walls



Can be mixed in with Zena Algae Peels for targeted treatments

Apply topically on the skin as a serum

Can be used with micro-channeling, and electroporation


Kit includes 10 Ampoules, 10ml each

3 Year Shelf life

Use within 6 months of opening (secure lid on ampoule and store in fridge)


Ingredients: Purified Water (Aqua), hyaluronic acid, nano gold foil, nine peptide complex, coenzyme Q10, phenoxyethanol