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Zena Chemical Peel Online Training — Feb 22, 2022

Chemical Peel Choice
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This training session will take place Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 1pm EST via Zoom. All materials and products will be sent to you prior to the date of training.  

Training covers all Zena Chemical Peels, but 1 peel of your choosing and neutralizer is included with this training. 

Become Zena Certified 

This training course was designed to give you working knowledge of Zena’s chemical peels, including:

  • Azelaic 20
  • Mandelic 15
  • MAZ 20 (Azelaic + Mandelic)
  • Lactic 30 
  • AHA 44
  • GBHA (Glycolic + Salicylic 
  • BHA 20
  • TCA 10
  • TCA 20
  • Jessner 

Training session will be comprised of lecture, and Q+A, and will touch upon the following subjects:

  • Introduction to peels
  • How to choose the appropriate peel
  • Basic protocol for each peel, including application
  • How to prep the skin, including special care for higher fitz
  • Contraindications
  • Postcare



  • Your choice of one (1) peel (choose in the drop down menu)
  • PDF Manual
  • Professional Kit from Zena Cosmetics
    • Your choice of one (1) peel 
    • Neutralizer
  • Client Consent Form
  • Precare + Aftercare Form
  • Certificate of completion


We're not "Fine Print" kind of girls, but our lawyer makes us:

Terms & Conditions: 

  1. You may cancel for a full refund prior to receiving the training materials and products (approximately 2 weeks before the training date). 
  2. Once the products are shipped (and assumed to be in possession), no refunds are provided.
  3. In the event the products are received but training isn't completed, no further purchases of Zena Cosmetics are permitted from Kin Professional.