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Zena Whitening and Balance Serum 30ML

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Brightening serum that evens skin tone, inhibits melanin production, promotes wound healing, hydrates, and has antiseptic properties.

Tremella's powerful hydration efficacy is due to its gelatinous structure combined with its unique polysaccharides, long chains of sugars that have remarkable water retaining properties. These polysaccharides form a flexible film on the skin to help keep the barrier intact, lock in moisture, and smooth skin texture. 

In this way, Tremella acts in a similar way to everyone’s favorite hyper-hydrating ingredient: hyaluronic acid. By drawing + locking in moisture to the skin, both ingredients have potent hydrating powers. However, Tremella’s particle sizes are actually smaller than those of HA, giving Tremella the ability to hold 5 times more water than hyaluronic acid. This gives Tremella an edge to penetrate the skin more easily. 

Tranexamic acid slows down the synthesis of tyrosinase - an enzyme that accelerates the synthesis of melanin, that is, a pigment.

 Whatever the reason for the pigmentation: hormonal changes (for example, during pregnancy), acne, excess sun exposure - they all activate tyrosinase and lead to the formation of spots on the skin. Therefore, we have developed a new serum that blocks the production of this enzyme.

 In addition to the whitening effect, tranexamic acid reduces the reddish color of superficial blood vessels. And as a result, the complexion is evened out.

 Dark circles around the eyes, underarms, knees, and other parts of the body are common problems and can be caused by various causes. Some of them are directly related to the excessive deposition of melanin pigment in the skin of the eyelids, which is quite difficult to get rid of - it is not easy to fight hyperpigmentation on the face as a whole, and for the face, taking into account the peculiarities of the skin of the eyelids, even more so.


Ingredients: water, glycerin, propylene glycol, β-glucan, tranexamic acid, glucuronic acid, Tremella fuciformis, 1, 2-hexanol, panthenol, 3-o-ethyl ascorbic acid, iso Ascorbic acid (iso-Vc) hypoglycemic acid, nonapeptide-1, octanoyl hydroxamic acid, carbomer, triethanolamine, Tranexamic Acid