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O'Melon 4 in 1 Derma Healer Device

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This 4-1 device is perfect for the treatment room, not just because of it’s small size, but because it’s packed with versatility.   It is sure to take your treatments to the next level.

 5 Reasons Why You Need This Device explains perfectly why we love this device, and all the ways you can use it during a facial.


More Details

Thermotherapy + Red LED also known as the activation mode helps warm the skin, increasing product penetration, and providing the healing benefits of Red LED (640nm)

Ultrasonic + Green LED (resilience mode) jumpstarts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and promotes blood circulation (532nm)

Iontophoresis + Blue LED (dewy skin mode) increases product absorption while also having a calming and vasoconstrictive effect on the skin, helping to reduce sensitivity and redness. (423 nm)

Thermotherapy + Ultrasonic + Blue LED + Red LED (mixed care mode) provides all the benefits of above in one easy step